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For the latest updates on UO Libraries’ COVID-19 response, please see As of 3/24/20, all Libraries locations will be closed to everyone except Libraries staff who need access in support of remote education. University of Oregon COVID-19 information and FAQs are available at

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I have put a book on hold. Where do I pick up my book when it is ready?

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As of 3/24/20, the UO Libraries are closed to the public but you can still pick up books and other items that you have placed on hold. When you place an item on hold you have to specify a pickup location:

  • Knight Library Pickup Window
  • Law Library Curbside Pickup
  • Portland Library and Learning Commons Curbside Pickup
  • Home Delivery

For specific pickup locations and more information, read our page on Pickup and Delivery in Support of Remote Teaching and Learning

This service is available only to current UO faculty, students, and staff. There are no request/pick up options for Oregon Card members or other guest users.


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